Natural Dog Shedding Reducer Spray

Anti Shedding Spray for Dogs
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Made in the USA!

Shed Less & Hug More!

Stop the shedding today! This all natural tropical mist helps reduce excessive shedding with safe and fabulous smelling botanicals.

Shedding is normal for 95% of all dogs, excessive shedding is not. It's not a problem for the pet, it's a problem for you, the pet owner. Excessive shedding can be due to environment, geography and chemicals pets come in contact with such as lawn pesticides or detergents used on things pets lay on. A percentage of excessive shedding is due to stress and certain health issues.

This dog shed reducer spray helps to moisturize your pet's coat and reduce excessive shedding in your house, on your clothes and on your furniture. This product is super easy to use and smells fabulous.

Recommended for all dogs 12 weeks and older

Directions: Shake well, spray onto your pet's dry coat and massage down to the skin. If your pet is OK with brushing do so first to remove loose fur. If not, just let the spray go to work to provide immediate comfort for dry, itchy coats. Use daily until shedding is under control. Use weekly thereafter

Active Ingredients: Aloe Vera Gel (Whole Leaf), Lactic Acid (a gentle and naturally occurring alpha-hydroxy acid derived from milk, Humectants

Inactive Ingredients: Water

8 fluid ounce bottle

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