Jack and Ball Puzzle Chew Toy

Jack and Ball Puzzle Chew Toy
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  • Item #: ZA09503
  • Manufacturer: Zanies
  • Condition: New
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A smart and active dog is a happy pet. The Zanies puzzle chew toy is an interactive chew toy that keeps dogs busy by providing hours of challenging mental and physical stimulation. Your pet will get the chance to use their natural instincts while they hunt for the treats hidden in the jack and ball.

This toy includes a multi chambered jack with spots for hiding treats in each end and one ball with a hollow center for hiding treats.

Made with extremely tough rubber for heavy chewers?

This toy coordinates with our Two-pack of Zanies Balls and Studded Ring or Football attachments.

These attachments can be used with the Jack or as a separate toy; all attachments have hollow centers for hiding treats. Mix and match parts and vary the location of the treats to keep dogs guessing.

Material: 100% Rubber
Jack measures 3 1/2" x 3 1/2"  x 3 1/2"
Ball measures 3"

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