Homeopathic Bad Dog Breath Medicine

homeopathic bad dog breath medicine
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Treat your dog's bad breath today with this homeopathic remedy designed to eliminate many digestive problems that cause bad breath in dogs. This bad dog breath remedy is a European, homeopathic and all natural formula from Dr. Goodpet. This remedy can be your final solution to bad mouth odor problems plaguing your pet.

This homeopathic medicine is a natural remedy in liquid form designed to help reduce bad breath and mouth odors in dogs. Foul breath and mouth odors are often due to digestive problems. This Dr. Goodpet Good Breath remedy contains ingredients known to act on digestion.

A truly effective and safe treatment option for foul mouth odor in pets

Remedy Comes in a one fluid ounce bottle with dropper

Ingredients: Kali phosphoricum 3x, Natrum phosphoricum 3x, Calcarea phosphoricum 6x, Nux vomica 6x, Mercurius vivus 8x, in a solution of distilled water and 20% USP alcohol.

Directions: Administer 10-15 drops morning and evening, in the mouth or in small amounts of water. Additionally, once daily, add 15 drops to bowl of drinking water.

Safety Notes: WARNING: If symptoms do not improve after regular use, consult a veterinarian.

Product Notes: Natural medicine for dogs - No side effects - No animal ingredients or testing

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