Gentle Leader Head Collar

gentle leader head collar
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Endorsed by leading veterinarians and trainers, these safe and effective head collars stop pulling, lunging, and other unwanted behaviors. Made of soft nylon, the head collar fits around the top of the neck and encircles the base of the muzzle. This Gentle Leader Head Collar Works by applying gentle pressure to the back of the neck and muzzle when the lead is pulled to direct the dog in a more natural manner. Offers total head control without choking.

The Gentle Leader Head Collar is a great training tool for all breads and is excellent for young children who walk strong dogs.

Each Gentle Leader Head Collar comes with an instructional DVD so that you can provide complete comfort and the most effective training for your dog.

Available in red or blue

Made for dogs 25 to 60 pounds

This product is not a muzzle - When fitted properly, your dog is able to eat, drink, pant, fetch and even bite

Caution: Take extra care in fitting on bulldogs and other breeds with flat noses; if their breathing difficulties increase when wearing the head collar, discontinue use and consult a veterinarian.

How to fit the Gentle Leader Head Collar:

  • Attach leash to control ring
  • Open neck strap and hold each end so the nose loop and lead look like a T
  • Place on neck with center bar ring just above Adam's Apple, and adjust so that only one finger will fit between the neck and strap
  • Take neck strap off dog; slide adjustable snap clip down to leash ring
  • Pull nose loop up through center bar ring
  • Hold nose loop open and slip onto dog's muzzle; snap neck strap closure shut
  • Make final adjustment to nose loop with snap clip, nose loop should be behind the corners of mouth, loose enough to pull forward to nose leather but not so loose that it can be pulled off

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