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Vital Vities Preventive Supplement
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Made in the USA!

Each bag contains a 60 day supply

The New Vital Vities - New Concentrated Formula with Probiotics

The ABC's of health and nutrition for your dog are now at your fingertips with this outstanding preventive supplement. With Deserving Pets Vital Vities, your dog is getting the best supplemental health insurance available!

Canine Everyday Essentials has a full multimineral and full multivitamin complement along with super-foods containing powerfully healing nutrients: Kale, Broccoli, Dandelion, Beets, Carrots, Apples, Cranberry, Blueberry, Alfalfa.

It also contains both Probiotics and Prebiotics (Prebiotics are green foods that support the probiotic growth in the intestine).

When pure vitamins, minerals and super-foods combine to create a balanced and complete formula amazing things happen... You'll see visible results in weeks! More energy, less shedding, softer shinier coat, relief from skin allergies, greater urinary tract health, better digestion, more mobility, vibrant healthy appearance, happier disposition, recovery from chronic infections, fewer medical problems, older dogs act and feel younger; What more could you ask for? You would have to purchase more than 17 supplements to provide your dog with the healthy ingredients in Vital Vities.

Phytonutrients are organic components in plants that both prevent and fight disease. In addition to generous doses of each vitamin and mineral, Vital Vities natural preventive supplement includes pure extract of alfalfa, beets, cranberries, blueberries, dandelion, kale, apples, carrots, pumpkin and more! Each of these ingredients has multiple health benefits. Every serving of Vital Vities has milk thistle to clean the liver and grape seed extract as a powerfully healthy antioxidant. Deserving Pets has created a special supplement that even the pickiest dogs love! All ingredients are all natural and human-grade and it's all made in human facilities in the U.S.A.

Just add one scoop to your pet's food a day and start witnessing endless healthy benefits. (serving scoop is included)

This all natural preventive supplement is highly recommended by veterinarians across the Nation.

The icing on the cake is that dogs love the taste of Vital Vities Nutritional Supplement. This supplement is made using a cutting edge technology that makes any vitamin taste great. This same technology keeps vitamins, minerals and super-foods fresh and potent. This unique and effective blend has become known as the finest in preventive supplementation, giving your pet the fuel he or she needs to become the ultimate health machine!

Give them everything they need. Our pet's cells are bustling centers of activity always in need of repair. The vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients are the tools our pets' cells and organs use to repair themselves. Every pet whether on processed food, home cooked or raw diet deserves the necessary tools to stay healthy.

Pet foods lack the tools for health. Somehow, we expect our pets to stay healthy on processed pet food. It's just not fair and it's easy to see why cancer is the leading cause of death in dogs. In today's toxic world, every pet's diet needs complete supplementation that includes superfoods that dump toxins and carcinogens and support important cell and organ functions.

Deserving Pets is providing the best preventive supplement available on the market for your pet. Compare the guaranteed dose of vitamins/minerals and super foods with any other product on the market. We know you will be impressed.

Net weight 9.7oz (275 grams)

Natural liver flavoring

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To learn more about how the ingredients in Vital Vities Nutritional Supplement work to prevent illness and support a healthier and longer life for your dog watch the video below.

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