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 Pati's Paws was founded on the premise of providing affordable, all natural dog products to consumers. This category is home to a large selection of natural treats, remedies, supplements, grooming products, cotton clothing and even bamboo dog bowls. Using all natural products is a great way to keep your pet living a longer, healthier and happier life.

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    Paw Earth Natural Dog Shampoos deodorizing dog shampoo natural dog shampoo
    Paw Earth Natural Dog ShampoosStinky Dog Deodorizing ShampooDr. Goodpet Pure Dog Shampoo







    Whitening Dog Shampoo Waterless Dry Dog Shampoo Natural rawhide made in the USA - Ranch Rewards
    Whitening Dog ShampooWaterless Dry Dog ShampooFlavor Basted Rawhide Bones





    9 inch natural rawhide dog rolls natural rawhide dog bones natural flavored rawhide rolls
    Ranch Rewards Natural Rawhide RollsRanch Rewards Natural Flavor Rawhide BonesNatural Rawhide Dog Rolls





    Vital Vities Preventive Supplement Pet Naturals Scoot Bars hip and joint dog supplement
    Canine Everyday Essentials Nutritional SupplementPet Naturals Scoot BarsHip and Joint Dog Supplement







    calming dog chews Natural Bad Dog Breath Bites Dr. Goodpet Maximum Protection Dog Vitamins
    Pet Naturals Calming ChewsNatural Bad Dog Breath BitesMaximum Protection Vitamin Powder Supplement






    Dog Vitamin C Crystals Natural Fur Stain Remover Eco-Me Dog Clean Spray
    Dog Vitamin C CrystalsNatural Dog Fur Stain RemoverEco-Me Dog Clean Spray




    Natural Pet Care Box Set hot spot healing spray for dogs homeopathic, natural dog ear drop cleanser
    Natural Pet Care Box SetPurely Botanical Hot Spot SprayHomeopathic Dog Ear Cleanser






    Dr. Goodpet Scratch Free homeopathic dog stress reducer homeopathic dog diarrhea treatment
    Homeopathic Dog Itch RemedyHomeopathic Dog Stress RemedyHomeopathic Dog Diarrhea Treatment




    Homeopathic Dog Eye Drops homeopathic bad dog breath medicine Homeopathic dog arthritis medicine
    Homeopathic Dog Eye DropsHomeopathic Bad Dog Breath MedicineHomeopathic Dog Arthritis Medicine





    Anti Shedding Spray for Dogs Natural Pet Odor Eliminator Natural Pet Safe Spray Cleaner
    Natural Dog Shedding Reducer SprayNatural Pet Odor Eliminator SprayNatural Pet Safe Spray Cleaner




    dog plaque reducer Natural bad dog breath mouth wash Bamboo Dog Bowls
    Natural Dog Plaque ZapperNatural Fresh Breath Water Additive for DogsEco Friendly Bamboo Bowls




    Flea and Tick Repellent Wipes thundershirt natural cotton dog tee
    Natural Flea and Tick Repellent Dog WipesThundershirtAll Natural Green Dog Tee






    Been There Chewed That Dog Tank cotton dog pajamas Floral Hooded Dog Sweatshirt
    Been There Chewed That TeeCotton Dog PajamasFloral Hooded Dog Sweatshirt




    woof dog shirt Navy Hooded Tee hodded striped dog tee with boat anchor
    Woof Dog SweatshirtNavy Hooded TeeLove Boat Hooded Dog Tee





    cotton striped dog harness plaid dog lead plaid cotton dog harness navy or beige
    Striped Hooded Cotton Dog HarnessStylish Plaid Cotton LeadPlaid Cotton Dog Harness





    Eco Friendly Rope Bone Toy
    Eco Friendly Rope Bone Toy


    1 - 46 of 46 items